Places To Visit


Purnagiri Temple

It is the famous temple, located 21 km from Tanakpur and it offers a beautiful 3 km trek to reach the temple. It is devoted to Lord Shiva. Navarathri is the famous festival celebrated here with much pomp and show. One of the 108 Siddha Peeths, this Devi Temple is 21 kms from Tanakpur, Tunyas is 17 kms and from there 3 km trek leads to Purnagiri Temple. Tanakpur is linked by direct bus service with Lucknow, Delhi, Agra, Dehradun, Kanpur and other Districts. According to an ancient legend, Daksha Prajapati organised a sacrificial ceremony, for which he invited everybody except Lord Shiva. Parvati on discovering that it was her father's trick to humiliate her husband immolated herself in the sacrificial fire. While her husband carried her body, the places where the parts of her body fell were recognized as Shakti Peeth. The Shakti Peeth holds the prime position among Malikagiri, Kalikagiri, and Himlagiri Peeths. During Navratras, in the Chaitra month of the Indian calendar, devotees in large number come here to have their wishes fulfilled. After worshipping Mata Purnagiri, people also pay their tributes to her loyal devotee Bada Sidth Nath at Brahmadev and Mahendra Nagar in Nepal.


Nanakmatta is a historical town named after the Sikh pilgrimage site, Gurdwara Nanak Mata Sahib, in the state of Uttarakhand. The town is associated with Guru Nanak Dev and Guru Hargobind. It is situated on the bank of Deoha stream, which has since been dammed into a reservoir named Nanak Sagar. The Gurudwara is located 15 kilometres west of Khatima Railway Station on road to Tanakpur. The holy shrine is near the town of Sitarganj. It is one of three Sikh Holy places in the state, with others being Gurdwara Hem kunt Sahib and Reetha Sahib.

Sharda Ghat

This Ghat, well known as Ma Purnagiri Sharda Ghat, is located near the bus stand in Tanakpur. It is here that people bathe to cleanse themselves before visiting the revered Ma Purnagiri shrine which is close to the town. This Ghat is also utilized for performing Hindu religions ceremonies like 'Mundan' (ceremonial shaving of child's first hair). For the locals, this Ghat also serves as a place of socialization. People come here to relax and spend time with friends. Hawkers are seen selling delicious 'chaat' along with other traditional snacks, adding to the joy of the visit.

Goral Devta Champawat

A deity of widespread faith and influence, Gwal Devta also known as Goril or Goll, is considered to be the presiding deity of justice. It is believed that when approached, Gwal Devta dispenses justice to a helpless victim of injustice and cruelty. Historically, Goril a Katyuric prince of Champawat, known for his unwavering justice and fair play, was himself a victim of planned conspiracy hatched up by his step mother, who had thrown him into a river, locked up in an iron cage. Held in high esteem as a symbol of justice, a temple was dedicated to him at Gwarail Chaur at in Champawat and ever since he has grown into a deity of great influence attracting innumerable pilgrims around him. As per a story, Harish Chandra was a famous king of Champawat, who after his death, was worshipped as the folk god 'Haru'. Haru's mother's name was Kainer and he is said to be Gwall's maternal uncle.

Panchmukhi Mahadev Temple

This is a famous temple in Tanakpur, dedicated to Lord Shiva in his panchmukhi or five faced form. You can visit the temple for aarti at 7:30 Am and 7:30 Pm on all days.

Boom Mandir

Surrounded with gigantic and ecstatic peaks, valley of flowers, skiing slopes and dense forests, beautiful flora and fauna Ramak is situated at a distance of about 75 kms from Champawat. This village is famous for its Aditya temple, which is a temple of god Sun. It is sun temple like Kornarka in Orissa. This temple is very ancient heritage and it is said that Chand Raja has established this temple.


Mahendranagar is the 9th largest city in Nepal. It is 5 km east of the Indian border and 700 km west of Kathmandu. At the time of the 1991 Nepal census, it had a population of 62,050. According to the census of 2001, the city's population was 80,839. Bhim Datta is a hub of activity for industries running between India and Nepal. It is also a gateway to Shuklaphanta National Park. The city was originally established by late Shri Ghadsi Ram Sarawagi, who hailed from Birgunj in Parsa District and named it Mahendranagar in the honor of late king Mahendra of Nepal. After becoming a republic in 2008, the city name was changed to Bhim Datta.


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22 km from Champawat and 9 km from Lohaghat, this ashram is situated at an altitude of 1940 meters. Mayawati shot into prominence after the Advait Ashram was established here. The ashram attracts spiritualists from India and abroad. Amid and old tea Estate, is the Advait Ashram of Mayawati. During his third visit to Almora in 1898, Swami Vivekanand decided to shift the publication office of 'Prabuddh Bharat' from Madras to Mayawati, from where it is published since then. The only presence that has become a part of the peace and solitude of Mayawati, is that of the mighty Himalaya in all its splendor. On request the Ashram provides board and lodging to visitors. There is also a library and a small museum at Mayawati.


Shyamlatal is a natural lake located in a beautiful hamlet at 30 kms from Tanakpur town. As the name indicates, the lake is known by the word Shyaam which means little dark complex color used to describe Lord Krishna in Hindu religion. The blackish color of lake is due to its muddy water and surrounded hills.
Situated at an astounding height of 1500 meters above the sea level, the lake Shyamala Tal is located at 22.6 kms from Tanakpur main market and about 56 kms from Champawat Bus station. Shyamlatal Lake covers an area of more than 1.5 sq km area. There is a famous Swami Vivekananda Ashram located on the banks of lake visited by many people round the year. Shyamlataal is a beautiful place with peaceful environment covered with green mountains. Beauty of the lake is often compared to the heaven by tourist and visitors.

Abbot Mount

Abbot Mount is a picturesque and hidden destination situated at an elevation of 6400 ft. above sea level. It is also written as Abbott Mount and Abbott Mount. It offers a tranquil,salubrious and serene environment. The enchanting snow clad Himalayan peaks can be seen from Abbot Mount. It is located away from hustle bustle of the city and there are only 13 secluded cottages spread over this hill.
The nearest popular town to Abbot Mount is Lohaghat. Abbott Mount was founded by and named after John Harold Abbott, an English businessman. Contrasting other hill stations of India. Abbott Mount has changed little since its inception. A picturesque church is situated amidst the forest in Abbot Mount and you can also see an old cricket pitch with ravishing view of the mountains.